The book I read to research this post was BeagleBone Home Automation by Juha Lumme which is a very good book which I read at This book was published in 2013 so is quite recent and is part of the packt series of which I did review a book on Chatter in the same series which you can find at These books are quite brief with this book only having 6 fairly brief chapters and an appendix. The BeagleBone is a circuit board kit adapted to several projects one in each chapter. It’s a bit like the raspberry pi or arduino although the processor it has in the superior version, there are 2 versions, has a processor which is the same one as that used in many smartphones. The projects include a temperature and interestingly although the BeaglBone has to be connected to your computer for the transfer on the proprietary linux operating system although that can be done with a micro SD card and to use the programming language Python. You can also use the Android v4.0 operating system with it. The 2 versions of BeagleBone have 512 MB & 256 Mb of memory respectively. One interesting fact I didn’t know is you know an LED is connected to an oscillating diode this results in it only appearing to be lit continously and apparently it flickers at such a high speed it’s only perceived to be on all the time. If you used a high shutter speed camera you would be able to photograph it with the light off.

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